About Us

Euroquilt was established 30 years ago and is based in Fife, Scotland. When Out of Eden aquired Euroquilt a number of years ago they changed the name to dùsal.

The name dùsal (doo sul) originates from the Gaelic word for nap, doze, or slumber, and we believe that the time and care put into each and every one of our products is reflected in the quality of sleep our customers experience. This is why we have become renowned among some of the country’s best hotels for our exceptional workmanship and attention to detail.

We specialise in making and supplying trade customers with high quality duvets, pillows and toppers, using both natural and synthetic fillings processed to exacting standards for cleanliness and purity. Induvidually hand filled and finished, we supply bedding to trade customers thoughout the country.

Our standards…

We take our ethical responsibilities very seriously. All our natural fillings are bought from European suppliers and we use only feather and down that are a by-product of the food industry.

We regularly review our sourcing and purchasing procedures to ensure that we are adopting best practice in all areas of our business, especially those that support the highest levels of animal welfare.

Our quality…

Our products are filled to very high standards and we pride ourselves on their exceptional quality, as well as the excellent customer service we offer.

All of our natural feather and down products are NOMITE® and Downafresh® certified and labelled, which means they are suitable for use by those who suffer with asthma or with allergies associated with dust mite allergens.

Dacron® Comforel® ECO2...

These fibres are produced using recycled plastic bottles. Collected from across Europe they are reprocessed for use in the creation of polyester fibres in Germany by Advansa. Advansa are committed to a sustainability programme which continuously improves upon safety, health and the environment. Their goal is to waste, occupational hazards and environmental polution for the betterment of generations to come.

Typically a total of 20 plastic bottles will produce enough fibres to make a 600g pillow and this in turn saves approximately 85 million bottles a year going to landfill on pillows alone.
The origin of every fibre bale is fully traceable so that Advansa maintain the highest ethical standards and ensure that no children are used in the collection of bottle waste.
ECO2 Has been recognised and rewarded by internationally recognised ecological labels.

Suprelle® Tencel® ECO Fresh...

Created using recycled bottles this aids in reducing significantly the amount of plastic going to landfill and other non-ECO friendly disposal avenues. Innovative & sustainable manufacturing processes, using less CO2 land and water to make the pillow duvet and bed topper fibres that help you sleep so beautifully

A premium Microfiber Cluster is carefully and evenly blended with Tencel® fibres. Tencel® is an award-winning ‘new-age’ fibre which is 100% botanic. Made from plantation-grown, natural wood cellulose, it originates from the aromatic pulp of sustainably-harvested eucalyptus trees. This blend creates a soft and lofty synthetic filling with excellent moisture management qualities which aid in providing a cool dry sleep environment and provide consistent moisture management and evaporation through the sleep cycle and beyond.

If you would like any further information, please contact dùsal on 01592 782873 and we will be delighted to help. Please note we are a trade supplier only and cannot accomodate retail enquiries.