Suprelle® Tencel® Fresh Eco
Suprelle® Tencel® Fresh Eco Suprelle® Tencel® Fresh Eco

Suprelle® Tencel® Fresh Eco

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Suprelle® Tencel ECO2 Fresh is created using recycled bottles this aids in reducing significantly the amount of plastic going to landfill and other non-ECO friendly disposal avenues. Innovative & sustainable manufacturing processes, using less CO2 land and water to make the pillow duvet and bed topper fibres that help you sleep so beautifully

A premium Microfiber Cluster is carefully and evenly blended with Tencel® fibres. Tencel® is an award-winning ‘new-age’ fibre which is 100% botanic. Made from plantation-grown, natural wood cellulose, it originates from the aromatic pulp of sustainably-harvested eucalyptus trees. This blend creates a soft and lofty synthetic filling with excellent moisture management qualities which aid in providing a cool dry sleep environment and provide consistent moisture management and evaporation through the sleep cycle and beyond.